Ms- (X):
"I am a former member of the Seventh Day Adventist church, since joining The Apostolic church of God 7TH Day I have learnt a lot about the Bible, Christianity and life in general. I am more open to the moving of the Holy Spirit, and have grown spiritually."
Sister Pearl:
I am a former member of the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). Since joining this church I have been allowed to express my faith in God freely, and have grown in the Spirit. My understanding of Biblical Christianity has increased seven fold."
Kenneth Robinson:
"Since joining this church, I am a lot happier and more fulfilled. My understanding of scripture has now increased, and I love the Biblical study sessions. I recommend this church, we are one big happy family. I organise monthly gospel concerts, and arrange for artists that perform at this church."
Missionary Williams:
"I have been with this church since I was a young person. This church has supported me through the years, and trained me in the ministry. I have recently been (18/11/06) ordained as a missionary. My branch Pastor decided that I was operating in the calling of a missionary, so decided to confirm what God had already done. I look forward to my new role and am excited as I am free to operate in my calling within the guidelines of scripture."
Connie Mark (MBE):
"I recently got baptised at this church, after hearing the Word of God preached. I have given my heart to Jesus Christ and follow him sincerely. This church has taught me so much, I now see things in a different light, and look forward to the weekly services."
Gemma Philipp's:
"I was toying with the idea of whether or not to become a Christian for years on end. Since being invited to this Church, my life has changed for the better, I recently got baptised (October 2006) after attending two meetings at this church. I have learned so much and am deeply encouraged. I look forward to the weekly meetings, they are now a part of my life."
"I enjoy the gospel concerts, I enjoy seeing other teenagers like myself taking part in the church services. I am busy practising songs to sing at the next concert."
Gladis Grant:
"I have been a Christian from I was a child, I am now in my 80's. The church collects me for services in a van that has been specially adapted for disabled people, the van has a tail lift and rails fitted. I love attending this church we are one big happy family."

Our Old Vehicle

This is a picture of the van that God has provided for us five years ago. Â This vehicle was fully faithful in the Lord’s service, and will spend the remainder of its life overseas (exported).

God Provides Our New Vehicle

The picture to the left shows the vehicle God miraculously provided for us. It now replaces the vehicle above as of the 22/09/09. Our new vehicle was tested to the max on the 27/09/09 when we took a group of adults and children from the church on an away day to Brighton

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