Do you believe in the ability of God to heal the sick today?

This is what our members have to say.


“I spent years under the knife of surgeons, my bed was in the local hospital. Several of my internal organs had failed, as a result I could barely get about and was in constant pain, I was medicated on a basket-full of various medications.  I thought that I was soon to die, as the hospital doctors and surgeons had done all that they could to help me.  I was invited to The Apostolic Church of God 7th Day after hearing their radio broadcast.  I was prayed for and experienced instant healing.  I can show medicals reports before and after I was prayed for for a comparison. My doctor and family are totally amazed.  I now drive a car and have a very busy lifestyle I have now become a baptised member of this church.  Thank God for healing me.”


“I was suffering from kidney problems, I was in a serious condition having to attend several hospital appointments.  I asked for prayer.  The church prayed for me,  I was totally healed. I now believe in the power of God to heal sick people. I had also tried on four occasions to pass my driving test without success.  I thought that if God healed my kidneys, He must be able to get me through the driving test.  the church prayed for me that I would pass my driving test, I booked another test, and to my amazement I passed.  Thank God for answered prayers.”



Pastor on Refugee Camp With Child

“I developed a lump in my breast, my GP told me it was a cancer.  I was so worried that I could hardly eat or drink, the shock of the word cancer caused me great fear. The church prayed for me, I can medical records to prove that I have been healed. The lump has disappeared, I am now fit and well, to God be all the glory. I am now a member of this church.”


“I was suffering from diabetes, my eyes were in a bad way as a result of the diabetes.  Someone invited me to the church, I was prayed for.  When I went back to my hospital consultant, and after undergoing further tests, my GP told me that the tests all came back clear and the diabetes had now disappeared. My eye sight has also been restored, I decided as a result of my healing to join this church.  I am now a baptised member, and walking with the Lord.”

Pastors Comment:

"We welcome everyone to give Jesus a try. If you have tried everything, and everything has failed try Jesus"

The Apostolic Church of God also run a 24 hour prayer line, and Christian Advice Service.


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