Lesson 10 Water Baptism





1.   What commission did Jesus give his disciples just before he ascended to heaven?

Matthew 28: 19, 20


2.  What is the meaning of the word “Baptism”?

Ans. Our English word “baptism” comes from the Greek word “baptizo” meaning to completely immerse, to dip under. The modern use of the term is a perversion of the Bible meaning.


3.   Who was the first one to use this ordinance in connection with the forgiveness of sins?

Mark 1: 4


4.   Did Jesus recognize baptism as a necessary part of Christian duty?

Matthew 3: 15


5.   What was the form of Jesus baptism? Verse 16.

Note: Jesus came straightway out of the water indicating He had gone down into the water.


6.   How does Paul describe baptism?

Romans 6: 4


7.   Were the people commanded to be baptized after the resurrection of Christ?

Acts 2: 38


8.   In reply to his enquiry concerning salvation what was the Philippian jailor told to do?

Acts 16: 31


9.   What followed immediately after the jailor accepted Christ?

Acts 16: 33


10.   How many of the converts in Samaria were baptized?

Acts 8: 12


11.  What question did the Ethiopian eunuch ask Philip?

Acts 8: 36


12.  What condition did Philip make as a prerequisite for baptism?

Verse 37


13.  What form of baptism did Philip use?

Verse 38, 39


14.  Were the Gentile converts required to be baptized?

Acts 10: 47, 48


15.  In whose name were the disciples commanded to baptize?

Matthew 28: 19


16.  In obedience to this command, what Name did the disciples employ when they performed the ordinance of baptism?

Acts 2:38; 10: 48; 8: 16; 19:5


17.  According to the requirements for baptism should infants be baptized?

(One must repent, confess, believe and forsake sin before being baptized)


18.  What happens to the old man of sin at baptism?

Romans 6: 3-6




19.  What life does one put on after baptism? Galatians 3: 27; Romans 6: 11-13


20.  Therefore what does Peter declare baptism to be?

1 Peter 3: 21


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