1. What wonderful dream did Daniel have?
Daniel 7:1 – 10

2. How can we know what prophecies mean?
1 Corinthians 2:12, 13

3. Can Gods word be understood by comparing scriptures?
Isaiah 28:9, 10

4. What was the first thing Daniel saw?
Daniel 7:2

5. What is denoted by the four winds?
Jeremiah 49:36, 37

6. What do the waters or sea represent?
Revelation 17:15

7. What is symbolized by the four beasts?
Daniel 7:17

8. Did this refer to the kings or kingdoms?
Daniel 7:23

9. What kingdom is represented by the lion?
Jeremiah 4:5 – 7, 25:1, 2, 9

10. Was Babylon a universal empire?
Daniel 2:37, 38

11. What is meant by the eagle’s wings?
Jeremiah 4:13; Habakkuk 1:6 – 8


12. What did Daniel see following the lion?
Daniel 7:5

13. What kingdom followed Babylon?
Daniel 5:28

14. What is represented by the three ribs in the mouth?
Jeremiah 51:27, 28

15. What did Daniel see next?
Daniel 7:6

16. What nation conquered the Medes and Persians?
Daniel 8:20, 21

17. What did the four heads of the leopard beast represent?
Daniel 8:22

Note: Alexander’s Kingdom was divided between the Macedonian generals into four Kingdoms: Syria, Egypt, Thrace and Macedonia.

18. Describe the four beasts.
Daniel 7:7

19. Was Daniel troubled about this?
Daniel 7:19 – 21

20. What did the angel say about the beast?
Daniel 7:23

21. What does the fourth beast represent?
Answer: Rome

22. What did the ten horns represent?
Answer: The division of the Roman kingdom into ten kingdoms: the Allemani, Anglo – Saxons, Franks, Burgundians, Visigoths, Suevi, Ostrogoths, Lombards, Heruli and Vandals.



23. As Daniel considered the horns what peculiar development did he see? Daniel 7:8

24. How did the Angel explain this?
Daniel 7:24 Note: This was to be diverse, or different than the other kingdoms; hence it must represent a religious power or kingdom (the Papacy claims to be a kingdom) and as the Pope alone, among all the rulers, wears a triple crown, and as the Vandals, Heruli and Ostrogoths were plucked up through a dispute with the bishops of Rome – this power must be the Papacy.

25. What was this power to do?
Note: He speaks great words against the Most High, that is , the Pope assumed divine prerogative even to speak contrary to God’s Word and changed “times and laws”, that is , he has changed the laws of God and instituted his own precepts as for example, the substitution of Sunday for the Sabbath. The Papacy has been responsible for the martyrdom of millions of Christians during the “Dark Ages”

26. How long was the Papacy to continue to have this power?
Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:5

27. How was this fulfilled?

Note: It was generally agreed among Protestants that this time period is 1260 years during which the Papacy in union with the civil powers reigned, beginning in 538 A.D to about 1798 A.D.  During this time the Papacy rode upon seven heads of government (the seven headed beast of Revelation 13) one head was wounded and was revived and become the eighth.

28. What will be the fate of this Apostate power?
Daniel 7:26

29. Who then will possess the kingdom of this world?
Daniel 7:28; Daniel 2:44; Revelation 11:15

Note: We must not confuse the “little horn” of Daniel 7:8, 24 with the “Little horn” of Daniel 8:9. The context of each chapter reveals the identification to be separate powers: the “Little horn” of Daniel 8 represented Antiochus, the Old Testament “Anti – Christ, “the little horn” of Daniel 7 represented the Papacy in union with the civil powers as the New Testament “Anti – Christ”.



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