1]      What does God say about how we should keep the Sabbath?

Exodus 20: 8-10

2]      Why did God say “TO” keep it holy instead of “AND” keep it holy?

Answer: Because He wants us to remember the Sabbath day, not only when it is here, but we are to remember it every day, not to make any arrangements to violate it when it comes.  We are to remember it on the six working days, TO keep it holy when it comes, and when it is here, we are to remember it AND keep it holy.

3]      Did God the Creator of the earth rest on the seventh day because He was tired?

Isaiah 40: 28

4]      Then why did He rest on that day?

Mark 2: 27; Hebrew 15: 42

5]      What is the day before the Sabbath called?

Mark 15:42

6]      What are we instructed to do on the day before the Sabbath? Exodus 16:23

7]      What did the Christian women do on that day?

Luke 23: 54-56




8]      Are we to ask visitors and others in our home to rest with us? Deuteronomy 5:14

9]      Should we seek our own pleasure in anyway on the Sabbath?

Isaiah 58:13

10]    Does God promise to bless us if we do this?

Isaiah 58:13-14

11]    When should we begin the Sabbath?

Leviticus 23: 32

12]    When, according to the scriptures, does the Sabbath begin? Nehemiah 13:19

13]    Are works of necessity allowable on the Sabbath?

Matthew 12: 1-12

14]    Are we permitted to buy and sell on that day?

Nehemiah 13: 15-18

15]    Is it right to be longing or anxious for the Sabbath to close? Amos 8: 4-5

16]    If we have some important business which we think cannot be put off, is it alright to do it on the Sabbath?

Exodus 34: 21

17]    What did Christ do on the Sabbath?

Luke 4: 16, 31

18]    What did Paul do on the Sabbath day?

Acts 17: 2; 18:4



19]    What should we do on the Sabbath day? Hebrews 10: 24-25; Leviticus 23:3

20]    What does God say through the Prophet of those who truly keep the Sabbath?  Isaiah 56: 1-7

The Sabbath should not be a day of ordinary labour, idleness or amusement, but one of rest, reflection, holy joy, worship and helpfulness.  It should be the happiest, the brightest, and the best of all the week, for God Himself blessed and sanctified and hallowed it and gave it to all mankind as a spiritual heritage for all time.



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