Describe the beast shown to John in Revelation 13:11.

Note:   This “beast” came “out of the earth” whereas the previous one came up out of the “sea”.  “Sea” indicates peoples, nations, tongues. [Revelation 17:5]. “Earth” then would mean that this beast or nation would arise where there had been no previous kingdom or peoples of various nations.  Most commentators agree this prophecy applies to the USA founded about the time of the first beast was “wounded”.


2.   What is the character of this new power?

Revelation 13:11

Note:  The two horns like a lamb have been interpreted to mean either the two fundamental principles upon which America was established – civil and religious freedom, or the two western nations, Canada and USA, both built upon this principle.


3.   What does this “lamblike” beast ultimately do?

Revelation 13:11

Note:  The beast changes his character and “speaks as a dragon” – the voice of intolerance and persecution – our governments will repudiate the lamblike principles of civil and religious liberty, and become like the beast before it, a world-wide persecuting power.


4.   What then will this beast do?

Revelation 13:12

Note:   He exerciseth the power of the first beast – persecution and death to those who will not submit to its mandates, that is, to “worship” the first beast.  This indicates an enforcement of religious laws one of which will be SUNDAY OBSERVANCE.


5.   What means will be employed to lead people back into false worship? Revelation 13:14





6.   What universal law will then be enforced?

Revelation 13:14


Note:   The beast that had the “wound by a sword” is the Papacy.  Wounded by the Reformation, it revives AS THE EIGHTH HEAD in union with the State, enforcing religious dogmas by the civil powers supporting her.  The two-horned beast, also in union with the church will do likewise.  Thus a confederation of nations both in Europe and America will be headed by the revived Papacy, her harlot daughters having merged into ONEWORLDCHURCH will also work together with the Papacy and the State to enforce unilateral conformity to one form of worship. [An image to the beast would be another ecclesiastical power clothed with the civil power – another union of Church and State – to enforce religious dogmas by law].


7.   What evidence do we have that a Religio-Political Monstrosity that will fulfil the specifications of this prophecy is already in process of development?

Answer:  As early as 1908 the Federal Council of Churches [today the World Council of Churches] made plain their objective:  “That the great Christian bodies should stand together in dealing with questions like those of marriage and divorce, Sabbath desecration, social evils” etc. – “Report of Federal Council” pages 5, 6.


8.   What “wonders” are performed by this beast?                                           Revelation 13:13

Note:   “Fire comes down from heaven [skies] in the sight of all men”.

9.   What will the two-horned beast attempt to enforce upon all people?

Revelation 13:16

10.   What means will be employed to compel all to receive this mark?

Revelation 13:17





Note:  God’s seal, or mark is His Name written in the forehead [Revelation 7:3;  14:1, the seat of the mind, and implies that those who receive God’s mark are His separated people.  The mark of the beast also received in the forehead or the hand would imply that some people are fully dedicated advocates of the beast power while others, coerced or indifferent, give formal, outward consent, and so receive the mark in the hand.  All those who refuse to receive the mark of the beast will be boycotted or denied the privilege of the ordinary means of gaining a livelihood  to buy or sell.

11.   In order for the beast to enforce unilateral conformity to a “single form of worship” what must first take place?


12.   When this is accomplished, what law will then be enforced?

Answer: Sunday observance.

13.   Who is responsible for the first institution of these laws?

Answer:    In accordance with study of scripture it would seem to be the Roman Church.

14.   Why were the ancient Sunday laws demanded?

Answer:   “That the day might be devoted with less interruption to the purpose of devotion.  That the devotion of the faithful might be free from all disturbance”  Neander’s  “Church History” Volume 11  pp 297, 301.

15.   Who is responsible for the present State Sunday Laws?

Answer:   “During nearly all American history THE CHURCHES have influenced the States to make and improve Sabbath laws”  W.F Crafts, in Christian Statesman, July 3, 1890.

16.   If the beast in prophecy represents a political kingdom, and the MARK is of the BEAST, what relation would Sunday Observance have to receiving the Mark of the Beast?

Answer:   We have proven that it is the Church in Union with the State that enforces this law, the Church being responsible as its advocate.


17.   How can we identify the BEAST?

Revelation 13:18.

Note: The number 666 is the number of the BEAST not of the WOMAN.  However, according to the prophecy, the WOMAN rides upon the BEAST [Revelation 17:3], thus implying that the CHURCH dictates to the State and the State carries into force its mandates.  In this manner she commits “fornication” with the kings of the earth [Revelation 17:2;  18:3] having also adopted beastly, pagan practices.

18.   What judgements will fall upon those who receive the mark of the beast? Revelation 14:9-11

19.   Explain the meaning of the number 666.

Answer:   The number 666 is the number of a man [Revelation 17:18] or man’s number in contrast to God’s number 7.  The triple 6 implies the unholy trinity [Revelation 16:13, 14] the Dragon-Devil, the Beast – the godless kingdoms of the world, the False Prophet – all apostate religions.

We submit some of the names of a “man” or man’s kingdom the letters of which when regarded as numerals, total 666:

NERON CAESAR – the numerical value in Hebrew total 666.

VICARIUS  FILII DEI –  In Roman numerical value:  V, 5;  1, 1;  C, 100;  A, 0;  R, 0;  I, 1;  U, 5;  S, 0;  F, 0;  I, 1;  L, 50;  I, 1;  I, 1;  D, 500;  E, 0;  I, 1  =  666.

Note:  Latin was the official language of Rome, and the Papacy still use Latin in its prayers, canons, missals, breviaries, decrees, bulls, worships, etc.

“Vicarius Filii Dei” is the favourite title of the Pope [Lateinos means “The Latin Kingdom”]. The Papacy is considered a “kingdom” and so she declares herself to be. [ “The Temporal Power of the Vicar of Christ” by Cardinal Mannings, 1861.] The Pope is said to be the supreme judge of the law of the land. He is vicegerent of Christ, who is not only a priest forever, but also King of kings and Lord of lords. [See Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:5, 6].


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