1. Does God desire men to Worship him and how?

John 4: 24


2.  What call to Worship does Davis make?

Psalms 29: 2


3.   When we come before the presence of the Lord what attitude should we show?

Psalms 95: 6


4.   Is it permissible to use musical instruments in public worship?

Psalms 92: 1-3; Psalms 150: 3-5


5.   What else are we to do in worshiping the Lord?

Psalms 100: 2-4


6.  What is promised to those that wait upon the Lord?

Isaiah 40: 31


7.   How did David feel when he had the privilege of going to church?

Psalms 122:1; 84: 2, 10


8.   What admonition does Paul give regarding assembling for worship?

Hebrews 10: 25


9.  How many should there be before we can have such worship?

Matthew 18: 20


10. How does God regard those who assemble together to worship him?

Malachi 3: 16, 17



11. What does David say further regarding habitual church attendance?

Psalms 84:4; Psalms 27:4


12. How should one conduct himself in God’s house?

Ecclesiastes 5: 1; 1 Timothy 3: 5


13.  What part does our gifts and offerings have in worship?

Psalms 96:8; 76:11


14.  What day of the week is given to man to worship?

Leviticus 23: 3; Exodus 20: 8-11; Luke 4: 16; Isaiah 58: 13, 14


15. How many of the worshippers can take part in the service?

1 Corinthians 14: 26


16.  When the Temple was rebuilt under Ezra how did the people worship and praise the Lord?

Ezra 3: 10-13


17.  What example of unity and prayer do we have in the Bible?

Acts 4: 24-33


18.  Because God’s house is where he meets his people how should we conduct ourselves when we assemble to worship Him?

Exodus 25: 8; Leviticus 19: 30


19.  How did Jesus show deep respect for God’s house?

Matthew 11: 15-17


20.  How many are privileged to worship in God’s house?

Isaiah 56:7


21.  What must we bear in mind when we assemble together for worship?

Hebrews 12: 28, 29


22.  What happens to the place where God manifests His presence?

Exodus 3: 5; Habakkuk 2: 20



Whoever thou art that entereth in the house of God, remember it is sanctified by His presence. Be reverent, be silent, be thoughtful and above all have your mind fixed upon the Lord.

Allow His Spirit to anoint you so you can only receive a blessing through the ministry of the gift of God given to you. Present your body as a living sacrifice a channel for the free flowing of the Spirit of God. Remember the Lord “Inhabits the praises of His people” so Praise God freely with all the people.


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