Lesson 7 Repentance





1.   What is the meaning of Repentance?  “To feel regret, contrition, or compunction for what one has done or omitted to do and to resolve to amend ones life, to change ones mind. – Webster


2.   What did Peter say was one initial step for salvation?

Acts 2: 38; 3: 19


3.   Who are called to repentance?

Luke 5: 32


4.   How many are sinners?

Rom. 3:9


5.   What divine agency has God provided that brings repentance?

Acts 9: 3-6; John 16: 8


6.   How must one feel about his or her sins?


7.   What brings about this sorrow?

Romans 2: 4


8.   Then what will godly sorrow bring?

2Corinthians 7: 10


9.   What kind of sorrow brings death?

Same verse


10.  How does godly sorrow manifest itself?

Verse 11



11.  What did John the Baptist say to those who came to him to be baptized?

Matthew 3: 7


12.  What did he tell them to do?

Verse 8


13.  How did the men of Nineveh escape God’s judgment?

Jonah 3: 10


14.  Will God punish those who do not repent?

Luke 13: 3; Ephesians 5: 6


15.  What is it that brings to man the knowledge of sin?

Romans 3: 20; 7: 7


16.  What is the Bible definition of sin?

1John 3: 4; James 1: 5


17.  What is the ultimate result of sin?

Romans 6: 23; James 1: 15


18.  What provision did God make that man may have eternal life?

John 3: 16


19.  David is said to be a man “after God’s own heart” yet we find that he committed some of the vilest sins. He committed adultery with another man’s wife, then he tried to cover his sin by committing another sin – murdering a man, and then taking another man’s wife to be his own.  He obtained the forgiveness and favour of God because he made genuine repentance.





Read Psalms 51 for the record of David’s sorrow and repentance. Is God willing and able to forgive the grossest and vilest sin?

Isaiah 1: 18; John 8: 11


20.  Which is the only sin that cannot be forgiven?

Matthew.12: 31;   1 John 5: 16;  Matthew  27: 3-5


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