Lesson 9 Confession and Forgiveness






1.   What is necessary on our part to receive forgiveness of sin?

1 John 9; 1-9


2.   How does one make confession?

Romans 10: 10


3.   What is it that we must confess?

Verse 9


4.   Is it necessary to confess our sins as well?

Numbers 5: 6, 7


5.   Why is it essential that we confess all our sins?

Numbers 32: 23


6.     What is the result of covering our sins?

Proverbs 28:13


How definite should one be in confessing sins?

Leviticus 5: 5


8.    When David confessed his sin what did God do for him?

Psalms 32: 5


9.    Will God hearken to the sincere cry of confession?

Psalms 86: 5


10.   What is the measure of God’s mercy and forgiveness?

Psalms 103:11


11.   What else are we to confess?

James 5: 16


12.  To what extent does God pardon and forgive our transgressions?

Isaiah 55: 7


13.  How completely does God absolve us of our guilt and sin?

Micah 7: 19; Psalms 103: 12


14.  What will accompany the confession?

Acts 19: 18, 19


15.  What is necessary on the believer’s part before water baptism?

Matthew 6: 5,6


16.  If we want God to forgive us what must we be willing to do?

Matthew 6: 12-15


17.  What spirit must we manifest to others that we may be forgiven?

Ephesians 4:32


18.  What is the blessed condition of one whose sins are forgiven ?

Psalm 32:1, 2


19.  What is the condition of one who refuses to confess his sins?

Psalm 32:3, 4


20.  If we refuse to confess Jesus Christ now will we be accepted by God? Luke 12:8, 9


Confession of sins comes from the offer of mercy – mercy displayed causes confession to flow, and confession flowing opens the way for mercy.  If I do not have a contrite heart, God’s mercy will never be mine,, but if God had not manifested His mercy in Christ, I could never have had a contrite heart.


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