The Bible

The Bible

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1. Where do we derive the name Bible, and by whom was it given and when?

Ans. The name Bible comes from the Greek meaning collection of  books. It was first given to the collection of books by Chrysostom in 500 A. D.
2. How many books are there in the Bible?

Ans. 39 in the O.T.and 27 in the N.T. (66)


3. What is the Scriptural name for the Bible?

2Timothy 3: 15, 1 6.


4. Are the writings of the New Testament to be considered as inspired and on an equal basis with the Old Testament?

2 Peter 3: 15, 16.


5. How were the scriptures given?

2 Tim 3: 16, 17;  2 Peter 1: 21


6. When the prophets wrote who was speaking through them?

Hebrews 1: 1;  2 Pet, 1: 21


7. Can we add or take away from the Scriptures?

Deuteronomy 4: 2;  Revelation  22: 18, 19


8. How do we receive the knowledge necessary for salvation?

Romans 10: 17; 7:7


9. What does Paul say of the character of the Word of God

Hebrews 4: 12

10. What power is there in the word of God?

1 Peter 1: 23-25; John 6: 63


11. What does God say about false prophets?

Jeremiah 23: 30-32


12. How does God regard his Word?

Psalms 138: 2; Jer. 23: 29


13. What test are we to use in determining false or true prophets?

Isaiah 8: 19, 20


14. Do we need any more scriptural writings today?

Revelation 22: 18, 19


15. In what language were the original Books of the Bible written

Ans. The O. T. in Hebrew, the N. T. in Greek (Haileys Bible Handbook p. 361)


16. What is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures made by 70 Jewish scholars about the year 285 B.C?

Ans. The Septuagint


17. When did the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament become generally recognized and accepted as Sacred Scriptures?

Ans. The Septuagint version of the old scriptures was the one used in Jesus day, the New Testament books were added to make our complete Bible at the council of Carthage, 397 A.D. This complete Bible was translated into Latin by Jerome (400 A.D.) and is called the Vulgate and was generally used until our present King James version was translated (Authorized version) in 1611.


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